Word Enterprises is a communication company founded on March 11, 2013, and inspired by the words of my late mother Evadney Brown, "Evetyone needs Help Sometimes."When I was a very young girl, I would speak and write, and people told me I was inspirational and powerful. It was my dream and passion to help others through Word, and finally it came to Life! It is our Vision to use the Gift of Word to Celebrate Life, Inspire Creativity, and to bring Hope.Choose from our elegant Greeting Card collection and share a lovely sentiment and a Word of Inspiration to help someone. We also provide writing, editing and speaking services. We reach out to communities and give to charities such as World Vision,  Autism Canada, Canadian Red Cross, the Cancer Society, and give to help essential workers during our covid -19 crisis. Together we can Help!


Thank you 


Veronica Brown-Bryan